Front couch/bed change

This is a 1992 Airstream Excella 25′. The front was originally a couch that folded out to a full size bed. The baby blue carpet on all the flooring was replaced with vinyl snap lock waterproof flooring. It’s light weight and water tight so any moisture won’t leak to the subfloor.

I removed the couch and built a U-shaped couch with a table in the center. The table is made from oak hardwood flooring. The column is a 2″ pipe with speedrail fittings on the floor and table, so it’s easy to remove and set aside while the bed is in use. There are baskets under the side areas for storage. I replaced the old Magnetec Converter with a new more efficent and quiet converterĀ (IOTA DLS-55/IQ4 12 VOLT 55 AMP 4 STAGE AUTOMATIC SMART BATTERY CHARGER / POWER SUPPLY). I also moved the main power switch to the end of the U-shaped couch for easy access.

The new bed, when the table is lowered and side cusions moved to the center, is slightly narrower than a king size bed, but king size sheets fit it. I made the cushions by cutting up a king size memory foam mattress.

Oak table drops to form bed platform

Table down

Side cushions placed in center to form bed

Storage baskets under side couch areas